1. Watching these two play together has been an absolute dream lately; they enjoy each other so much and I am so grateful they have one another. Joseph woke up sick on Wednesday morning and was pretty miserable most of the day except for when he was playing with Dominic – his little brother can make him giggle and belly laugh like no one else. (When I snapped the picture above, Dominic was repeatedly trying to climb on top of Joseph and kiss his face.)

2. Joseph still talks about how much he loves school and I think he may have picked up on his teacher reading books to the class… this week he started taking a book off the shelf, sitting on the floor and “reading” to Dominic. He’ll turn a page, then turn the book around and hold it open, out the side (JUST LIKE A TEACHER!), and say, “Dom, look!” and then he’ll proceed to tell him everything that’s on the page. Turn the page, repeat until the end, then he says, “okay, all done!” I HAVE to sneak a video next time! The first time he did it, I was totally floored!

3. Loving this post >> stop torturing shy kids. Joseph is incredibly shy around strangers and new people until he warms up to them, so it was a great read for me.

4. I am doing a massive hallelujah dance now that Instagram FINALLY has nested comments and replies. Seriously, what took so long?! SO much easier to follow conversations and interact now!

5. The new iPhones were announced this week! I’ve been waiting and waiting since I’m still hanging out with my original 6 Plus (from THREE years ago, an infinity in technology time) and can’t wait to upgrade! Are you thinking 8, 8 Plus, or the x? I still haven’t decided yet.

6. How do you cut your round cakes? I always do wedges, but now I might try this trick.

7. I’m thinking that this garbage bread would be perfect for football watching this weekend. Have you made it yet?

8. My new store-bought sweet obsession >> Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Butter Biscuit. They have all kinds of other varieties with dark chocolate, hazelnuts, marzipan, etc. No thank you to everything else. That milk chocolate is a dream and that butter biscuit? SO GOOD. They don’t always have that version at the store or Target, so if I do see it, I pick up a couple ;-)

9. We finally started watching Doc Martin this week and are really enjoying it. It delivers some great comic relief and isn’t at all heavy, unlike all of the murder mysteries and crime dramas we’ve been watching!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy September weekend!