1. One of my husband’s oldest friends owns an exotic car dealership, and had said the boys were welcome to come by anytime to check out the cars. They finally took him up on his offer this week and oh my, Joseph was in his glory. He got to sit in a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, Porsche, and I don’t even know what else. My husband said Dominic was a little more hesitant to get in the cars, but had a blast regardless.

2. Oh hi, my baby looks like a five-year old all of a sudden, ahhhhhhh!

3. Have you heard of hair plopping? It’s for curly hair and it’s basically wrapping up wet hair in a t-shirt or microfiber towel for 10 to 20 minutes, then diffusing or letting it air dry (or you could let it dry totally wrapped up). Supposedly it keeps the curls amped up, defined, and from frizzing out. I’m dying to try it because I washed my hair this week and didn’t feel like drying it, so I just put a little product in and let it air dry, and the curls the next day were amazing!! I might be doing this a lot over the summer.

4. Alright, in addition to hair I have a few clothes/fashion/style things I want to discuss! First, where are you with the whole partial tuck trend? I have not done it yet because I don’t think I’ve tucked in a shirt since middle school? I think that was when it was cool to tuck the front of your shirt and let the back hang out. I just can’t decide how I feel about the partial tuck.

5. Okay, next… I started reading about dressing for your “season”, i.e. winter, summer, spring, fall. Have you heard anything about this? It makes SO MUCH SENSE, OMG. It’s based on your hair color, eye color, and skin tone, and now I know why I’m always drawn to black/grey/bright pink and have always hated how orange or coral colors look on me. Google it and let me know what you think! I also love that it gives me a little guidance to know what to look for when I want to add new pieces to my wardrobe.

6. Finally… are Keds back? I feel like I wore these throughout my entire elementary school years. They remind me of 5th and 6th grade cheerleading, ha. But I see them everywhere! I think they’re kind of cute and would be a great basic white sneaker to have, but… I hesitate lol.

7. I couldn’t believe it when I heard a few years ago that schools weren’t teaching cursive anymore. My husband and I were at the UPS store a year ago signing something when the clerk told us some older teenagers were coming in not knowing how to sign their name, like, an actual signature. I’m totally old-school, so I was thrilled to hear it’s coming back in at least some places!

8. Amazing sleep exercise used to help WWII fighter pilots fall asleep quickly. I basically fall asleep in 3 seconds no matter what every single night (hello, little kids), but it totally made me aware that sometimes I’m actually squinting when my eyes are closed and to relax those muscles. Very interesting!

9. Does anyone have this cookbook >> Cook Once, Eat All Week ?? It has tremendous reviews on Amazon and I’m thinking of giving it a try.

10. TGIF! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!