1. A couple of weeks ago when I took Isabelle to her swim lesson, my husband helped the boys build this massive castle with Picasso tiles. Amazingly, later that day or the next day, the boys rebuilt it almost exactly all on their own. I was astonished (and so proud)!

2. Isabelle loves, as in, seriously LOVES bubbles. She loves to blow bubbles and if we read a book that has bath bubbles, she gets SO excited, screaming, “bubbles! bubbles!” Love this little girl.

3. Does anyone use Stasher bags? I keep seeing them pop up and wonder if they are worth it?

4. Loving these “eat balanced” shirts – it’s pretty much how I approach eating (and the proceeds go to a good cause!)

5. This story about a man taking his grandma to all the national parks makes my heart so happy, and also makes me miss my own grandma so, so much.

6. Loving this list of 50 non-sandwich lunch ideas for kids… even though I’m not packing lunches regularly yet, there are some awesome ideas for switching up our rather predictable lunches here at home!

7. I saw someone share this on Facebook and I relate 100% (although I couldn’t eat that many Oreos and my dessert of choice would be more like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cheesecake, or Lindt truffles):

8. Talk to me about cleaning routines… I’ve been trying to be more organized about it over the last couple of months, but would love to know how often you do different cleaning tasks. Haaaaaaalp me :)

9. We started watching Line of Duty this week and got so, so into it… we seem to always enjoy a good British police/crime drama. Excited to binge this one!

10. TGIF! Everyone is excited when we get visitors!