1. Nothing better than sitting outside and watching Daddy cut the grass!

2. The comments section of this post on family rituals and traditions is full of such wonderful ideas!

3. Last Sunday, our air conditioning stopped working (of course it was the hottest day of the year!). Luckily, we were able to have someone come out and there was a part that needed to be replaced that he had, so we were back up and running fairly quickly. Our immediate thoughts were how uncomfortable it was going to be if we needed to get a new unit or wait days for a fix, and then I reminded myself that I didn’t even have central air conditioning until I was 11! Perspective is always helpful :)

4. TRUTH! >>

5. Who has made the July Bake-Along recipe, butter pie crust? I love seeing all of your creations!

6. For the very first time in my life, I colored my own hair! I ordered a kit from Madison Reed and, all things considered, it went well! My grays are mostly all covered up and there were no major mishaps. It took a while since it was the first time, plus I have A LOT of hair. The kit came with a squeeze bottle which you sort of just worked in with your fingers (gloved, of course), but next time I would order the bowl and brush – I think I’d be able to ensure everything on the roots got covered up. I feel like I’ve unlocked some sort of badge, even though there are a gazillion people who color their own hair at home all the time, ha!

7. We are LOVING the Yacht Rock station on Sirius right now… if you like 70s and 80s soft rock, it’ll be right up your alley. We have it on most of the day :)

8. On another music note, my husband discovered Love Canon – a bluegrass band that covers 80s and 90s pop songs. So fun!

9. As for TV, we started watching Fargo (the series, not the movie)… it is so insanely strange, but we’re hooked ;-)

10. TGIF! These two wish you a wonderful weekend!