1. Dominic is a very serious Batman… And Isabelle has commandeered Joseph’s old Superman costume 😂

2. My babes 💙💖💙

3. This sweet girl wanted me to take a picture of her with her bunny 💞

4. Our kids are still little, but I really love this concept >> 12 Life Skills We Want For Our Children Before They Leave Home

5. When the kids don’t have school, I totally feel like I’m on vacation, too. I love the long, lazy days with no schedule. Anyone else?

6. Does anyone have advice on trying to clean up a stovetop? We have a gas range; there is a black porcelain type material around the burners and ever since we moved in here, I cannot get it clean to save my life. It’s like there’s a build-up, or maybe the finish has eroded? I’m not sure, but if anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them! Aside from regular cleaners, I’ve also done a baking soda paste, and that did not work either.

7. I took the plunge and ordered the Olive & June manicure and pedicure sets. I have dreams of keeping my nails looking pretty… I’ll report back 😉

8. We finished Endeavor earlier this week (we LOVED it, highly recommend!) and went to watch Inspector Morse, but you need a special add-on BritBox subscription through Amazon Prime, so we skipped it for now. We started watching Unforgotten (Amazon Prime) and got totally sucked in on the murder mystery; really liking it so far!

9. Wishing you all a happy Easter or Passover weekend, or just a joyful and relaxing weekend in general ❤️️

10. TGIF! Have a snuggly weekend!