1. We took the kids to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix last weekend; the weather was cloudy and perfect the bulk of the time we were there (which was a welcome change from the 90+ degrees it has been pretty much every other year we go). We got to have Italian ice, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, and see some very cool old Indy cars.

2. It feels like just yesterday I was pushing shopping carts with a baby up top and two toddlers inside or in the “car” part… now we have lots of big helpers. It’s so crazy how fast those early years fly by!

3. Have you bought anything during the Nordstrom sale? I haven’t picked up anything yet, but still haven’t really looked to see what’s there! Share your favorite finds if you have any!

4. I feel like I HAVE to make the Golden Girls my next crochet project 👵🏻 🤩

5. Love, love, love this >> One helpful piece of organizing (and life) advice

6. I can’t believe we’re already knocking on the door of August. What types of fall recipes are you interested in?

7. I am not at all into celebrity gossip, but am admittedly totally captivated by the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez rekindling. Maybe because it was such a huge thing when I WAS very into celebrity gossip in my early 20’s?!

8. I had somehow never seen dressage before as part of the equestrian events at the Olympics, and we caught a little bit last weekend. I was in total awe and the kids loved the “horse dancing”. It was so beautiful to watch!

9. We’ve been watching tons of Olympics here and Joseph calls a gold medal “the golden medal” and I think of Willy Wonka and the golden ticket every single time 😂 I love it.

10. TGIF! Judith always reminds me of Einstein when she lays like this 💜