1. Summer went by so fast; love these three so much ❤️

2. Joseph has lost a number of teeth already and they’ve come out in a variety of places – in bed, in the shower, at the dinner table… last week was a new one, he lost it in the car! Then he couldn’t find it, so once we got home I had to climb the whole way in the back with my phone flashlight searching for a tooth so he could put it under his pillow. Luckily I retrieved it from a crevice in the seat next to where he was sitting 😉

3. These two pilfered our reading material while waiting to pick up Joseph from school 🤣

4. This was our first week of school and with a full-fledged full-time first-grader, wow that time between getting home and dinner is basically a split second. I’d love for you to share your favorite quick and easy weeknight meals and crockpot meals in the comments below. I’m going to try to work on meal planning this weekend!

5. Showing Up To Your Daily Life >> I always love being reminded of how to be more intentional!

6. Who else is ready for cozy fall food? Chicken and dumplings are calling my name!

7. I just learned that Levain cookies are now sold in the frozen section of the grocery store and you can heat them up at home. It looks like in the Pittsburgh area, they’re at local Whole Foods; I have to get some to try! Has anyone had them?

8. Love this, it’s not always about going big! >> The Value of Doing a Little

9. I happened to see that Rip from Yellowstone was on a podcast and said that they are already writing season five 🙌🏻 Give me alllllll the Yellowstone!

10. TGIF! Cozy babe…