1. It was a busy week here with more back-to-school excitement!

2. First up was Dominic on Monday with his first day of pre-k. He was so, so excited to go and had a great time. His favorite part of the day? Playing in the play kitchen and using the pretend microwave ;-)

3. The next day Isabelle had her very first day of preschool! She also could not have been more excited and on the way home, asked me if I could take her back so she could stay at school all day 💗

4. After being home for the better part of the last 18 months, I really had no idea how these two would handle heading off to school. To my surprise, they both marched right into school as happy as could be. And that makes my heart so happy ❤️

5. Really intriguing concept of making a “Don’t Want” list.

6. Saw this on FB and love it not for every exact thing, but for how much it exudes balance over the course of the month…

7. While I love mac and cheese and I love ice cream, I think I might draw the line at mac and cheese ice cream 😬

8. My boys are super excited about college football starting this weekend… bring on the snacks!!

9. Yellowstone Season 4 trailer is heeeeeeeere 🤩 Countdown to November 7th!

10. TGIF! Best couch buddy ever ❤️