1. Hello friends! I hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks and that your Thanksgiving holiday was just as you’d hoped. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with our immediate families and the kids were enthralled with watching the parade this year. Yet somehow I managed to take ZERO pictures on Thanksgiving!

2. I’m not sure who was more excited about Thanksgiving break… me or the kids! It was so nice not to have to rush out of the house in the morning and have some relaxing days at home. Looking forward to the upcoming Christmas break! :)

3. Currently craving a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks; do you have a favorite cold weather drink other than hot chocolate?

4. We resurrected our tradition of driving around after dinner to look at Christmas lights this week. It feels so cozy and I just love it. The kids get so into it and oooh and aaaah at the different decorations.

5. Do you have any special holiday traditions in your family? I’d love to hear about them, I always love new ideas :)

6. Have you started any holiday baking yet? I tested some new recipes that I’m excited to share with you, and I’m feeling a batch of chocolate babka coming my way

7. This really puts into perspective enjoying the present moment we’re in (it can be so hard!) >> How to Cherish Life

8. We watched Bancroft (on BritBox) over the last couple of weeks and, oh my goodness, it was SO GOOD. Kept us on the edge of our seats until the very end. Highly recommend!

9. What is your all-time favorite Christmas movie? There are a few classics I still haven’t seen, believe it or not!

10. TGIF! The pups got groomed right before Thanksgiving and were looking their finest :)