Happy first Friday in January to you! I hope that you had a wonderfully peaceful holiday break and that the first week of January has been good to you :)

As I’ve done in years past, I’m using this Friday Things to share a glimpse into our holidays with you! Enjoy!

Christmas Eve

(it was 60 degrees!)

Christmas Day!

(The kids picked out gifts for each other and I loved that they were fast favorites; seeing them exchange gifts with each other was absolutely my favorite part of Christmas this year!)

Break (a.k.a. endless pajama days!)

(We made car and truck waffles!)

(We had a wonderful visit with my grandma.)

(The kids played bubble hockey before the sun came up.)

(So thrilled that the boys are loving Battleship – one of my favorite games as a kid!)

Judith says HAPPY JANUARY! :)

See you next week with recipes!