1. Last week after school one day, Joseph ran into the playroom and said he was making a surprise and not to look at anything. Finally, he told me I should open up his lunch bag from the day, and this is what I found…

My heart just absolutely burst. Sometimes I feel sad at how quickly the kids have grown, but moments like these, big kid moments, are just so amazing ❤️

2. Dominic and I ran through the car wash and he could not have been more excited. I looked behind me and saw him grinning from ear to ear, watching all of the colors and the soap splatter across the moon roof. It’s truly the little things!

3. I cannot get enough of Isabelle in her big, long, curly pigtails 💖

4. We had a very unexpected couple of inches of snow come through on Wednesday morning (so pretty!) and are under a winter storm watch tomorrow for what I assume will be the last of the snow hurrah this year. I love winter weather so I’m excited to get one more little taste of it before spring moves in for good.

5. Do you have any of the cookbooks on this list? I’ve found a few new-to-me titles and can’t wait to try a couple!

6. It sounds simple, right?! >> 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

7. It took me a very long time, but I finally finished the book Unbroken. It was amazing and tragic and inspiring and I highly recommend it! Next on my list to read – The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. Hopefully, it won’t take me so long!

8. I can’t believe we’re already turning clocks ahead on Sunday! Hopefully, the kids’ sleep won’t get TOO messed up 😬

9. We finished 1883 and gosh, life on the Oregon Trail pretty much played out like it did in the game we played in grade school. So harsh. I’m looking forward to seeing what is done with 1932 when it comes out.

10. TGIF! So much love between these two!! 🥰