1. Waiting for one of her beloved stuffed animals to finish its run through the washing machine 💖

2. Killing time before picking up Isabelle from preschool meant a trip through the car wash and a surprise lemonade for my sidekick 😍

3. Eight inches of snow in mid-March? Sure! ❄️

4. Have you done habit tracking? If so, what do you track?

5. How is everyone handling daylight savings time? I know so many people are thrilled that there is a bill to keep daylight savings time permanent and I am probably in the vast minority, but given the choice, give me standard time all day, every day. I can’t stand starting the day in the pitch blackness and would much rather have more light mornings than light evenings. It could be because I’m a morning person, too. If this map is accurate, it just solidifies my stance!

6. This post on how to make a recipe binder has me totally inspired to get my favorite and to-try recipes super organized. Are yours in binders? How do you organize them?

7. And on that note, what is your #1 go-to dinner recipe and your #1 go-to dessert recipe? I can’t wait to read all of your answers in the comments!

8. It’s March Madness time! Do you fill out a bracket? The kids are super into it this year, have theirs printed out, are following along, and Isabelle is dribbling a mini basketball around while the games are on 😂

9. We watched Mayor of Kingstown (Paramount+) over the last week because we were down a Taylor Sheridan rabbit hole after Yellowstone and 1883. It’s a pretty dark show, but the last two episodes were phenomenal. Looking forward to a season 2!

10. TGIF! Duke loves me ❤️