Duke - 3 Months Old!

1. A seasonal photo of Duke… with pumpkins! He turned 3 months old this past Monday and is getting big! … and ornery… and too smart for his own good. He’s also extremely sweet and beyond excited to see you if it’s been more than 30 minutes since you’ve been in the same room as him. Yin and yang ;-)

2. We had our wedding reception party on Saturday and it was fabulous! Our dining room table is still flooded with leftover cookies, and of course I’m craving chocolate chip cookies… which we don’t have. Looks like I’m going to be doing some baking today!

3. Yesterday marked two years that my grandma has been gone. I miss her every single day, and even more on days that I spend in the kitchen. I shared this photo of her on Facebook yesterday – it’s an old picture of her sitting in her kitchen making gnocchi, and it’s just the perfect photo of her:

Grandma making gnocchi

4. Before my grandma passed away, she passed along her beloved dough board (pictured above) to me. My mom and I spent some time refinishing it (I documented the process here), and I cherish it so much.

5. I have been loving our new treadmill. It was such a great investment; it’s so easy to just hop downstairs and get a workout in. I’ve been playing around with some different walking workouts to keep from getting bored; if you know of any, feel free to send them my way! I’ve found that a fairly high incline at a slower-than-normal pace has been the hardest so far!

6. Is anyone still doing monthly photo challenges? If so, here is an October version from Fat Mum Slim:

October Photo A Day from Fat Mum Slim

7.┬áLast night, my Chief Culinary Consultant and I went to the Pittsburgh Penguins’ home opener. It was awesome to feel the chill of the arena and the sound of the goal horn again. If you’re a hockey fan, you’ll appreciate this op-ed that appeared in a local newspaper a few years ago (don’t worry, it’s not about a specific team, just hockey in general):┬áThere’s Still Something About Hockey.

8. I mentioned last week that I was going to be getting some new appliances installed this week. They are here and I am in love! I’ll be giving you a proper tour of the kitchen soon, but here is a sneak peek of my new goodies:

New Viking cooktop and ovens

9. I went to Target this week and was overcome by the Halloween candy. I made impromptu purchases of Reese’s Pieces, Halloween-colored peanut butter M&M’s, candy corn, and some new hot chocolate. I’m officially ready for October.

10. TGIF! Here’s to cozy nights in front of the fireplace!

Duke & Einstein on the fireplace