Boy in a striped polo shirt leaning over a birthday cake with a number 7 candle on it.

1. Dominic turned 7 this week!! This boy is such a joy, he wakes up every morning with a smile, lets things roll off his shoulders, is always up for an adventure, and truly lives in the moment. I’m so proud to be his mom and had the best time celebrating him 💙

2. Isabelle went to a friend’s birthday party last weekend and had such a blast 🩷

3. Joseph plowed through the first set of Hardy Boys books (currently 50% off) that my husband got him over the summer, and now he’s working his way through the set of books #11-20. Highly recommend if you’re looking for book gifts for an elementary-age child! (For reference, Joseph is eight years old, in 3rd grade, and I would consider him an advanced reader.)

4. Don’t forget that next week on Tuesday and Wednesday Amazon is having another massive two-day sale, which is kind of like the Prime Day sale they had in July. So if there’s anything you’ve been wanting or need some gifts, it would be a great time to shop. Are there any recommendations you need or want? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll share! I’ll also work to round up my favorites in one spot so you have them next week!

5. Have you tried any of these chocolate chip cookies? >> Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown… my favorites are still the thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies when I don’t want to wait for butter to soften or dough to chill, and my adaptation of the NYT chocolate chip cookies when I have time to chill the dough!

6. For his birthday dessert, Dominic requested a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake with sprinkles on top. I adapted my homemade DQ ice cream cake and put it in a 9×13-inch pan to make it easier to serve a crowd. It was a huge hit!

7. During the summer, we usually keep blinds down in the bedrooms to help them stay cool, but there is nothing I love more than when the cooler weather hits (or a rainy day), and I throw those blinds up in the morning! It’s been warm here this week, but I think today marks the start of permanent fall weather.

8. This snippet from a recent James Clear newsletter is so thought-provoking:

“Imagine you are at the end of your life and you are granted the ability to repeat one day. Which period of your life do you choose to repeat? Which phase of life would you want to go back to? Does that tell you anything about how you should be spending your time today?”

9. We’ve been watching new episodes of Unforgotten (watching on PBS Masterpiece) and gosh, what a fantastic show. Highly recommend!

10. TGIF! We had another birthday in the house this week… Judith ALSO turned 7 (the day before Dominic, they have a special connection)!! Duke was thrilled to help her celebrate 😄

Two golden retriever dogs smiling next to a small dog cake with a number "7" candle in it.