Three children in a dark tent with flashlights.

1. Last Friday night at bedtime, we put up the kids’ little teepee tent in Isabelle’s room, turned off the lights, gave the kids flashlights, and listened to cute Halloween stories. They all had SO MUCH FUN and it was such a sweet, relaxing way to end the week!

2. Joseph clipped his fingernails all by himself for the first time over the weekend; he did great and was SO PROUD.

3. Last week, I volunteered during lunch at recess at school; it was such a treat to see the kids in their element, with their friends, and it made me so, so happy that they were all so thrilled to see me there (I got so many hugs!).

4. With the holidays approaching, this is a great guide on how to gift experiences.

5. At least a month ago, I mentioned that we went through the entire summer without getting a good container of strawberries, and so many of you said you had experienced the same thing this year. BUT! We are now on our third amazing container in a row from Costco; what happened? Perhaps sourced from a different area this time of year?

6. The large silicone dough mat that I mentioned during the big Prime sale last week was by far the most popular item I recommended and wanted to share that it’s still 40% off in case you were thinking about getting it or were considering it for a gift.

7. Talk to me about coffee thermoses… I’ve started drinking coffee more frequently and twice recently I’ve put coffee in stainless travel mugs we have (one was a freebie from somewhere and very old, another a Yeti) and both times, I thought there was an awful off-taste from the metal. Is this normal? Do you have a favorite kind of travel coffee mug?

8. I love this walk-through of 20 of Ina Garten’s Favorite Kitchen Essentials.

9. Really like this idea >> Why You Should Divide Your Life Into Semesters, Even When You’re Not in School

10. TGIF! Oh, hello :)

Golden Retriever dog with head resting on a person's arm.