Little boy in black glasses taking a selfie with a TV and upstairs railing in the background.

1. Thank you to everyone who has asked how Dominic’s recent scans turned out; we got word from his oncologist late last week that the scans looked good; he remains in remission! He also received neuroblastoma vaccine injection #5 while we were there. Thank you, as always, for keeping him in your prayers ❤️

2. My sister got Isabelle an apron for Christmas, and she LOVES it; whenever I’m in the kitchen, she takes out her apron and asks what she can help with. She is such a wonderful helper!

Little girl in strawberry apron seasoning potatoes with paprika.

3. Both of the boys received awards at school this week; both were nominated by their respective teachers for exemplifying kindness, helpfulness, a good work ethic, and getting along with classmates. I can’t even express how much my heart was bursting with pride 💗

4. If you seal and save puzzles, do you end up framing them? I have sealed a couple of them and after I finished my most recent puzzle, I was about to put it back in the box, but the kids begged me to save it. So I ordered more of the Mod Podge Puzzle Saver that I use, but I haven’t actually done anything else with the few puzzles that I have sealed.

5. I love this tip >> Declutter By Asking Yourself One Simple Question

6. Tomorrow is National Carrot Cake Day… what are your favorite carrot cake add-ins? I LOVE pineapple, raisins, coconut, and pecans!

7. Has anyone felt like all of January has been a stutter step in getting the year started? Between more rounds of illnesses here, the trip to New York, and lots of random errands… I feel like we haven’t had one normal week or even half a week!

8. TV talk! We really liked Blue Lights and also started No Offence (BritBox), which we are loving!

9. I just saw a promo for The Greatest Night in Pop on Netflix, which is a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the “We Are the World” single back in the ’80s. I can’t wait to watch!

10. TGIF! These two are just the best of friends 💙🩷

Two golden retriever dogs laying next to each other on the floor.