Little girl in a unicorn tulle dress standing in a kitchen with a refrigerator behind her.

1. Remember last week when I said our house had been cycling through illnesses, and I was looking forward to turning the page on a new month? Haaaaaaa, joke was on me… all of the kids ended up with strep between Thursday and Monday. It seems to be spreading like wildfire at school, gah! Maybe NOW we can be done with all the sickness?!

Isabelle had to miss a princess tea birthday party on Sunday, so she wore her dress around the house instead 😄

2. It’s no secret that I love spending time at home, and while Dominic and Isabelle both prefer to go anywhere I’m going and not miss out on anything, Joseph is definitely my homebody kid. A few weeks ago, on a Friday night, I was saying goodnight to him, and he said, “Do we have anything going on tomorrow?” I said that actually we didn’t, and he shot his arms into the air and said, “yessssss!”. I felt such a surge of kinship with him, ha! ❤️

3. I started a new jigsaw puzzle (a 1,000 pieces butterfly puzzle from Buffalo Games that I’ve had for a few years and is no longer available – this one is similar), but I am tempted to buy this 500-piece “Love in the Wild” puzzle to do with the kids for Valentine’s Day!

4. It’s been easily 15 years since I’ve watched an awards show, but I had to go back and watch multiple performances from this year’s Grammys! The Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman “Fast Car” duet was utterly amazing, and I’ve mentioned that Billy Joel is probably my all-time favorite artist, so I’ve been loving his new single, and his Grammy performance was fantastic, as well.

5. I finished Beach Read this week and loved it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every Emily Henry book I’ve read so far. I just started Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and am just a chapter in; I know it was popular, so excited to get further along!

6. And speaking of books, I JUST found out that Ina Garten is publishing a memoir later this year. CANNOT WAIT.

7. Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?! I’d be happy to see either team win, but if choosing sides, I’ll pick the 49ers just since it’s been longer since they’ve won!

8. Speaking of the Super Bowl, be sure to check out my list of 72+ Super Bowl food ideas for alllll of the menu inspiration you need for Sunday!

9. We’re currently watching Safe (Netflix) – another fabulous Harlan Coben series. Thank you to a reader who recommended it a couple of weeks ago!

10. TGIF! Love these two best buds…

Two golden retriever dogs laying next to each other on the floor looking beyond behind the camera.