Two boys and a girl sitting at a table with art supplies and pieces of paper.

1. Earlier this week, Isabelle announced that there would be an “art club” in the playroom after dinner. She made a sign for the wall and everything! She loooooves art and keeps saying she wants to be a teacher, and was so excited about it… the boys were so sweet and enthusiastic. We all sat at art club drawing and coloring, and it was just the sweetest thing ❤️

2. I’m not sure if any of you remember, but Dominic had one of his front teeth pulled when he was three after he fell, and it split. Then, about a year and a half ago, Isabelle had the same tooth pulled because she had chipped it when she was just one, but it had recently started hurting her. We wondered when Dominic had his pulled how many years it would be before the adult tooth came in… well, it just recently came through, AND Isabelle’s did at the same time! They both lost their middle two bottom teeth last summer, as well. Their teeth are on the same schedule!

3. I love this open request for “what’s saving you now” or “what’s keeping your head above water”… everyone shares in the comments. Let’s do it here! For me right now, I’m finding little pockets of time to read a little bit or work on a jigsaw puzzle!

4. My kids have been using the 14-ounce Owala Kids Flip water bottles; I’m wondering if anyone has kids that use the 16-ounce free sip version. How old are your kids, and which bottle do you prefer?

5. A great tidbit from a James Clear newsletter:

“Stop paying so much attention to what everyone else is doing and run your own race. How much time is spent reading other people’s posts on social media, watching other people’s exploits in the news, listening to other people’s ideas on podcasts? Go have coffee with a friend. Go make something. Go outside. All those hours spent looking at someone else’s life on a screen could be used to take action in your own life.”

6. And along those lines >> 30 Areas of Life Where Subtracting Can Add More

7. Over the last week, I’ve updated and published two recipe roundups (The Ultimate List of Super Bowl Food Ideas and 44+ Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes); I changed the format after receiving feedback following my Christmas Baking Ideas in December. A number of readers said that they would appreciate seeing photos of each recipe that was featured. I switched it from a long list of recipes to featured photos and a little recipe description. I’d love to know what you think!

8. Did you watch the Super Bowl? I had no rooting interest, but boy what a great game! Did you have any favorite commercials? I loved the Kia commercial with the little girl figure skating for her grandpa, as well as the Dunkin’ commercial with JLo, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, etc. So funny!

9. We finished Safe (Netflix) and LOVED it… every single one of Harlan Coben’s series has a plot twist that I never quite see coming. We’re currently watching Mrs. Sidhu Investigates (Acorn TV)… it gives me Father Brown vibes (but a bit darker).

10. TGIF! Tennis ball hoarder…

Golden retriever with a tennis ball in her mouth and another between his paws.