Little boy in a grey winter jacket sitting in bleachers at an ice arena.

1. You may remember that Dominic had routine scans done in New York a few weeks ago, which came back clean. He was also scheduled to have a bone marrow biopsy, but he tested positive for Covid while we were there, so he was unable to be sedated, and it had to be rescheduled. We went back to NY for a day last week to have it done, and Dominic’s oncologist called us this week to let us know that the biopsy came back completely clear and that Dominic’s central line can now be removed. He (well, all of us!) has been waiting for this news for so long… Dominic does not have a port that sits under the skin; he has a central line that comes out of his chest, with two tubes extending from it. It has a sterile dressing that must be changed weekly (and cannot get wet), and the lines must be flushed a few times a week. Finding out that he can have this removed and have the freedom to swim, shower, play sports, etc. was THE BEST news.

2. The kids had a long weekend last weekend, and we packed a lot of fun into it! On Saturday, we took the kids to watch the Penguins practice, which was really just as much for me and my husband because we got to see a previous player (Jaromir Jagr) skate with the team because he was having his jersey retired over the weekend.

Mom with three kids (two boys and one girl) sitting on bleachers.

3. On Sunday, we finally celebrated Joseph’s birthday with our extended family (hooray for everyone finally being healthy!). How did this kid get so grown-up looking?! (He requested my father-in-law’s cherry pie instead of cake; he has good taste!)

Boy in a blue sweater and black glasses sitting in front of a pie with a number nine candle in the middle of it.

4. And on Monday, we took the kids to the auto show at the convention center. I think they love sitting inside the cars more than we do! I promptly fell asleep on the couch Monday night as soon as the kids went to bed 😂

A girl and two boys standing in front of a race car at an auto show.

5. I think I’ve tried every single protein bar over the last couple of years because I was looking for something I could throw in my purse or bag and have for appointments, at the hospital, traveling, etc. I finally discovered Built Bars and I LOVE them. I especially love the “puff” versions, which have a marshmallow-y consistency. They are packed with protein but not very much fat or sugar; my favorite flavor is cookie dough chunk puff.

6. I saw someone on Instagram mention how they always bake a special treat on Fridays to enjoy after the kids get home from school. I love this idea! I may need to start with a batch of classic chocolate chip cookies. Do you do this? What are your favorite things to make?

7. So many great nuggets in here >> The Joys of Getting Organized

8. I’m still reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow… I’m hoping I’ll finish it over the weekend so I can start The Women (Kristin Hannah’s newest book)!

9. I loved this article; it really encompasses everything I loved about watching TGIF as a kid >> The Wholesome Era of 90’s TGIF Sitcoms

10. TGIF! Love these two snuggle bugs 💙🩷

Two golden retrievers laying next to each other on a dog bed.