1. A glimpse of last Saturday morning (featuring our favorite pancakes!), which was a nice slow morning at home :)

Chocolate chip pancakes cooking on a griddle.
Little girl sitting on the couch in pajamas and slippers, reading a book with a stuffed animal next to her.
Two boys in pajamas playing chess at a dining room table.

2. Isabelle came home from school one day last week and scurried off to the playroom to do something. She had collected leaves at recess and asked her teacher for a bag so she could save them. She brought them home and then made me a bracelet with them, gluing them to a strip of construction paper she had cut and glued into a circle; she said she wanted to make me something for my birthday (it’s still a month away) but couldn’t wait to give it to me. Her sweetness and thoughtfulness just absolutely melted my heart ❤️

3. Joseph went on a field trip last week to a maple tree farm to watch how the trees are tapped and how the sap is turned into maple syrup. He loved it and I have to say, kids are such troopers – it was 40 degrees and poured the entire day, yet he came home all smiles, said it was great, and gave me all of the little fun facts he learned.

4. On that note, if your kids need waterproof boots, I highly recommend these… I bought them for him since they would be in the woods the whole day, and he said they were so warm, cozy, and comfy (and it’s very hard to get him shoes that feel comfortable!).

5. I finished my butterfly puzzle last weekend, but somehow there were two missing pieces 😭 I’m not sure if they fell and got lost (I did have to move my puzzle board a couple of times) but ugh such a disappointment. However, on to the next! I picked this one to do next; it was so timely given Joseph’s field trip last week! >> Maple Sugaring Time Puzzle

6. It’s been a while since I made it; I think I’m going to make a batch of baked oatmeal for breakfast next week.

7. Looking for some book recommendations for 9-year-old boys! Joseph has read The Hardy Boys and really liked it. He doesn’t seem as interested in graphic novels or fantasy-type books that are popular right now. He has read some of The Magic Treehouse books, but he tends to gravitate to nonfiction, books about sports, etc. Trying to figure out a good mix and some other ones for him to try that he might like.

8. I have found that if I just set out veggies, the kids will naturally grab them and eat them, but if I put them on their plates, they often get left behind. I grabbed this produce bin after seeing Paige talk about it on Instagram, and I love that I can put all of the prepped veggies in one bin and not have to take out multiple containers; so far, I love it! This past week, I used it for sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes (each taking up about a third of the container).

9. We’re currently watching Monsieur Spade (on AcornTV); very good!

10. TGIF! This dog is the absolute snuggliest (this was the night I came back from NY earlier this month, I think she missed me) 🩷

Dog snuggling on a bed.