Einstein napping

1. Einstein is such a serious upside-down sleeper. That’s when he sleeps hard. I love when his jowls fall down and all his teeth hang out. So funny. I had never seen a dog sleep like this until I got him, and seven years later, it still makes me laugh when I see him spread eagle, front paws tucked in, and “smiling”. Ahh, the life of a dog!

2. We had so much fun at the beach last year for our wedding, that we went ahead and rented the same house for a week. T-minus 50 days until I can dip my toes into the ocean, yesssss!

3. Have you seen this list that Amazon released? 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime – a bucket list of books that spans a wide variety of genres. I looked through it and have only read 13 of the books; it looks like I have a to-read list to consult for quite some time!

4. I don’t know about you, but anytime we have people over, especially for a party or a holiday, I struggle with how many beverages to buy and how many appetizers to serve. How many bottles of wine, how many different six packs of beer, how much pop, how much ice, etc. It’s always a guessing game, and um, we still have tons of beer leftover from our wedding party in September. I found this party buying guide on Sugar and Charm, and oh my, it’s a godsend. I’m totally referring to this from now on, although I will say I think the recommendations for beer are a little low for the 12 and 24 guest count (I would lean more towards 3 per guest vs 2 per guest if you know there will be beer drinkers in attendance):

Sugar and Charm Party Buying Guide

5. Since we changed the clocks on Sunday, everyone in our house has had trouble getting up in the morning, include Einstein and Duke. We’ve been a bunch of sleepyheads! I hope we all start to get acclimated soon; I’ve never had an issue with the time change like this before, yikes.

6. Lindsay’s husband baked the six-layer chocolate cake with toasted marshmallow filling and malted chocolate frosting for her birthday. I’m seriously impressed! He ROCKED that cake – check it over on Love and Olive Oil.

7. I saw this covered cake plate on Bakerella a few days ago and, oh my, I want it! It’s pricey and not terribly practical, but so fun!

Glitterville Lots of Frosting! Covered Cake Plate


[to buy: Tinsel and Twirl]

8. After binging on House of Cards, I was without a good show to watch for a little bit. Luckily, The Americans started back up and I’ve gotten sucked right back in. I also need to start True Detective; my Chief Culinary Consultant has been watching episodes while on the treadmill, but I haven’t started it yet! We also started watching The Pacific, since we watched Band of Brothers before the holidays. What shows are you loving right now?

9. Important question: How do you organize/store your makeup? I was using this makeup organizer from The Container Store for awhile, but it was nowhere near enough space. I then moved on to stacking plastic drawers from Target, which I’m using now. They’re fine, but the makeup slides around in there and it’s hard to see everything. If you have a solution you love, please share!!

10. TGIF! Enjoying snuggle time with my boys, who look like siamese twins in this photo!

The two-headed monster