1. This is what we call “For the Camera”:

Duke & Einstein "For the Camera"

2. This is what we call “Real Life”:

Duke & Einstein "Real Life"

That’s what happens about 95% of the time when both Duke and Einstein are awake, complete with non-stop snarling noises. It’s… fun?

3. We inherited a serious drainage problem in our backyard that seems to have been exacerbated by large amounts of melting snow and multiple rainy days we’ve had over the last few weeks. Let me tell you, two dogs running through a soggy, muddy yard results in infinite messes that include paw wiping with beach towels, dragging out the hose, and doggie showers (sometimes at midnight). It also results in praying really hard for freezing temperatures so that our yard just solidifies.

We had someone come out and look at the problem, and they confirmed it is definitely a drainage problem that needs to be fixed (by digging up half of our yard). They’re going to start on it within the next week or so, but in the meantime to alleviate some of our problems, they came and spread straw down where the yard was soggy. We never thought of it and it has seriously been a sanity saver. We were losing our minds over the mess, and it has definitely helped.

4. On a related note, do you remember the show “Boiling Points” on MTV? Where they would put people in crazy situations and see how long it would take for them to flip out about something? I feel like this scenario would be perfect that show. Seriously, give two people two big Golden Retrievers that love to run (including one that wants to go outside every 3.2 seconds between the hours of 7pm and 11pm), a muddy backyard, one beach towel and one hose, and see how long it takes for one of them (or both) to go completely bananas. Thank God for straw!

5. Did you fill out a Billion Dollar Bracket for March Madness? I’m always so horrible at the bracket thing, but I continue to do them year after year, and of course my hopes for a perfect bracket were dashed by about 3pm yesterday. On the bright side, as of midnight, I was a stunning 11 out of 13 (with games still in progress). That might be my best start ever!

6. Do any of you petite gals shop on ModCloth? They have some super cute clothes, but I’ve read some things about their sizes not really fitting shorter, petite-sized girls. If you have feedback, I’d love to hear it!

7. I saw this on Facebook and… HA!


7. Maria has me lusting over her Tieks flats. How adorable are they?! Does anyone have a pair? I hear they’re extremely comfortable, but pricey. Give me the details!

8. I made a completely ridiculous cake this week and had to invite all of our family over to help us eat it. Everyone declared it one of the best things that I have ever made. Ever. EVER. It’s coming to a computer near you next week, so stay tuned!

9. Surprisingly, I haven’t bought any new cookbooks in awhile. What are some of your new favorites?

10. TGIF! It appears as though we have Food Bandit 101 training going on in our house (we’re in double trouble!):

Food Bandits!