1. Einstein had his follow-up appointment this Tuesday, got his drain and stitches removed, and is as good as new! Everything healed up perfectly and he is back to regular life with no restrictions (other than no rough housing for a few days while the scabs heal).

(My Chief Culinary Consultant says that this photo of Einstein looks like an old-school yearbook photo where there person is looking off into the distance ;-))

2. And this little devil turned 10 months old on Wednesday! He’s still such a baby :)


3. On Sunday, my Chief Culinary Consultant and I took a glass embossing class at the Pittsburgh Glass Center (thanks to a gift certificate given to us by my sister for Christmas). I made a wine glass with a Christmas theme (obviously) and a pint glass with an “L” etched in it (I used a dremel!).

Embossed Glasses

We had fun; I’d love to do a glass blowing class and make a Christmas ornament down the road.

4. We are leaving today for our beach vacaaaaaaaation! I can’t wait for my toes to touch sand and ocean, ahh! I do have some recipes scheduled for you for next week, but if you leave a comment or send an email, please know that it likely won’t be responded to until I am back home next Monday. Thanks for your understanding and support of my need to unplug every now and then :)

5. If you’re watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, is your team still alive? The first round was crazy and I enjoyed watching all of the games; so much overtime! The Penguins are moving on to the second round to face the NY Rangers, but not before giving me indigestion for pretty week an entire week. Whyyyy do they have to make it so stressful!? (We already have an online streaming/HDMI hookup figured out for watching games while on vacation, because of course we would.)

6. So, I totally have a girl crush on Candace Cameron Bure, a.k.a. DJ from the television show Full House (which I watched every.single.Friday.night). Do you follow her on Twitter or Instagram? She always looks so puuuuurty!

7. Duke has managed to do what Einstein has tried his whole life to accomplish… he can pick up and carry two tennis balls in his mouth at the same time! I’m still trying to get a photo or video of it, but every time I try, he gets excited and runs over to me and drops them ;-)

8. My Chief Culinary Consultant was watching The Vanilla Ice Project last Saturday and I totally got sucked in. Home remodeling shows always wow me, but oh boy, is wallpaper really making a comeback?! Also, I couldn’t help but to think that his sidekick “Wes” reminded me of Kenny Powers’ sidekick “Stevie” from Eastbound and Down. Yes, we watched that show. Yes, I’m probably short a few brain cells as a result.

9. Are you watching the Kentucky Derby tomorrow or doing anything festive for it? I’m pretty sure I’ll be 100% focused on staring at the ocean at that point in time.

10. TGIF! I’m going to miss these faces so much!

Einstein and Duke chewing rawhides together