1. Einstein says, “What’s up, ladies?!”

2. I want to face plant into this cheesy bread.

3. This week I saw peanut butter cup Oreos at my grocery store. What the what?! This sounds like it was made for me! Have you tried them?

4. These 8 Rules for Altering Baking Recipes by Alice Medrich (via Food52) should be printed out and hung up in every kitchen! Such good advice, especially if you often find yourself trying to cut down on sugar, sub whole wheat flour, or are looking for ways to substitute fats or dairy.

5. My husband saw this gif of a dog getting freaked out by a fish on Flipboard the other night, and I could not stop laughing! Duke would totally have this reaction; he’s absolutely our dominant alpha dog, but is also ridiculously afraid of a lot of things. All bark, no bite ;-)

6. My mom brought us some of her homemade wedding soup earlier this week, and I was immediately craving oyster crackers. I hadn’t eaten them in years, and I think I’ve gone through half a bag in like two days. I can’t stop eating them!

7. These 36 of the Best Kitchen Tips That Nobody Told You About (via Listotic) are awesome! Some I knew, some I didn’t… definitely a page to bookmark!

8. So, I stuck with Scandal and am now halfway through season two and totally hooked. You guys were right, it’s gooooood!

9. Are you watching any sports right now? I’m currently rooting for: USA (World Cup, although I’m not a good soccer-watcher), San Antonio Spurs, and L.A. Kings, as well as the Pittsburgh Pirates, of course. I watched some French Open last weekend, and will likely catch a good bit of the U.S. Open this weekend. Already craving next football and hockey season!

10. TGIF! Have a sunny and fabulous weekend! Duke plans to just lounge…