The high today in Pittsburgh might not even graze 60 degrees. Hellooooo fall! I’m officially ready for a huge pot of chili or beef stew, two of my all-time favorites once the weather cools off this much. I thought it would be a great time to do a roundup of some of the best selling soup and stew cookbooks to get you ready for the season. Sometimes I check out Amazon’s best seller lists to see what people have been buying, but yesterday saw something I hadn’t noticed before – a “Most Gifted” list. The books that have been purchased as gifts the most on I like this list even better, because it’s likely that someone already owns the book and loves it enough that they want to share it with someone else. In my book, that’s the best gauge that something is worth buying! So without further ado, here are the 10 Most Gifted soup & stew cookbooks on…

1. The Italian Slow Cooker by Michele Scicolone

2. New England Soup Factory Cookbook by Marjorie Druker

3. Liquid Raw: Over 125 Juices, Smoothies, Soups, and Other Raw Beverages by Lisa Montgomery

4. Tagine: Spicy Stews from Morocco by Ghillie Basan

5. The Ski House Cookbook: Warm Winter Dishes for Cold Weather Fun by Tina Anderson

6. 500 Soups by Susannah Blake

7. The Williams-Sonoma Collection: Soup by Diane Rossen Worthington

8. Mr. Sunday’s Soups by Lorraine Wallace

9. The Best Soups in the World by Clifford A. Wright

10. Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons by Nava Atlas

My all-time favorite book in this category didn’t make this list, but wanted to make sure it was included!

Bonus (Michelle’s Favorite):

The Best Soups & Stews by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine Editors

Do you have a favorite cookbook for cool weather food? I’d love if you’d share below, I’m always looking for new cookbooks!