The 2017 gift guide series concludes with a collection of stocking stuffers all $25 or less!

A collage of gifts listed in the stocking stuffers gift guide.

We’re less than a week away from Christmas and many of you probably have all of your shopping wrapped up already; big, big kudos to you! I still have a handful of gifts left to buy, including stocking stuffers and grab bag gifts, so if you’re in the same boat as I am, I’m hoping this last gift guide of the year will help you out!

Everything in this list is $25 or less, which makes them perfect stocking stuffers, or to use as a grab bag gift.

Happy week-before-Christmas shopping! 🤗

1. Sugarfina Candies – I am in absolute love with all of the flavors of these little gummies – champagne, peach bellinis, even a “vice” line with liquor.

2. Grab & Go Ponytail Holders – I just bought a set of these in the gemstone colors and I love them! They’re soft and hold my hair really well, and I get tons of compliments when it’s just on my wrist.

3. Nest Birchwood Pine Scented Candle Ornament – The perfect way to infuse some authentic holiday fragrance into an artificial tree!

4. Etekcity WiFi Smart Plugs – An awesome little gadget that enables you to control outlets from your smartphone. Perfect for turning lights on if you’re away from home.

5. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – If drinking more water is a New Year’s resolution, this bottle is sure to help… nothing more delicious than flavored water!

6. Jonathan Adler Pop Candle, Grapefruit – I love these candles! I bought one for my sister a couple of years ago and she really enjoyed it; they make a ton of different scents, even bourbon and vodka!

7. The New York Times Best of Monday Crosswords – For the puzzle enthusiast who wants something a little less hardcore than the Sunday NYT puzzle :)

8. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – This is so much fun! A bucket list of 100 movies to watch with the ability to scratch them off as you watch them… they also make similar posters for places, books, and albums.

9. Five Crowns Card Game – Our family has always loved games and cards and this new game looks like a ton of fun.

10. Coca-Cola Lip Smacker Polar Bear Gift Tin Collection – I would totally buy this just for the polar bear tin, but Coca-Cola flavored Lip Smackers? Yes, please.

11. Mini Snowflake Marshmallows – Make your nightly hot chocolate just a liiiiiitle bit more special with these adorable marshmallows.

12. Popsockets – So perfect for getting a better grip on your phone when you’re typing, watching a video, taking pictures, etc… plus there are a million different designs!

13. Rub-A-Way Bar – This is seriously magical! Rub it on your hands after handling things like lemon and garlic and it takes the smell right away!

14. Bath Truffles – If you know someone who loves a good soak in the tub, this would be the perfect gift for them.

15. Beverage Chilling Stones – I love how these will keep your drink cold but not water it down (the biggest reason I hate using ice in flavored drinks!).

TELL ME! What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers? I’m always looking for new and unique ideas!


This is not a sponsored post, and I am not affiliated with any of the companies above. However, some of the links above are affiliate links; thank you for reading! ❤️