Einstein and Duke have some very exciting news to share…

We're having a baby!

The BEB family is expanding, and no, we are not getting another dog ;-)


I am 14 weeks today and little (two-legged) baby brother or sister is due to arrive around January 12, 2015. We are SO excited and I’ve been dying to tell you all!

No crazy cravings yet, and only one specific food aversion. You may have noticed a drop off in recipes containing, of all things… chocolate. Ugh! I can do a little chocolate if it’s in something else, like a chocolate swirl in ice cream, or a peanut butter cup (!), but forget about things like chocolate ice cream, cake or brownies. I haven’t wanted it at all, and when I do eat just a little bit, I feel sick. What a bummer, I hope this passes!

Aside from some nausea during weeks 6-10, the only other really negative symptom I’ve had is some mind-numbing exhaustion. Holy crap, some days I was almost in tears just because I was SO TIRED. I’ve never been much of a napper (well, since college, anyway!), but napping has become an almost daily occurrence for me. Some days I know I need to go lay down and sleep for awhile, and others I just randomly pass out on the couch.

On a positive note, I finally have the beginnings of a bump! I was so excited to start seeing a belly show up :)

(Apologies for the dog hair all over my shirt – the pups are shedding like crazy right now and I was hugging them before we took this picture.)

13-week baby bump

I’ll certainly be keeping you updated as things move along, and am so excited to finally share this news with you! ❤️