Einstein at the park

1. Einstein at the park, enjoying the fresh air and wide open spaces. I love this picture :)

2. I mentioned this on Facebook this week, but in case you missed it… my husband launched a cocktail website this week! If you love drinks, be sure to check out The Drink Kings. He’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

3. Did you watch fireworks on the 4th of July? I hadn’t seen them in person in years, but at the last minute we loaded our parents into the car and drove up to a high spot and watched our little town’s display, which was surprisingly impressive! I forgot how much I enjoy them.

4. I haven’t eaten Cinnamon Toast Crunch in ages, but now I am seriously craving this Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake!

5. King Arthur Flour did a fantastic experiment about how the type of pan used and parchment paper can significantly affect cookie browning, even when oven temperature, recipe and time baked remained constant. Definitely check it out, especially if you find yourself having trouble with too-light or too-dark cookies.

6. I usually don’t like tart drinks, but summer is making me thirsty for a huge glass of lemonade… a fresh-squeezed one like you get at amusement parks or golf tournaments. Mmmm!

7. My soft pretzel obsession continues.

8. This post on 11 Secrets to Properly Freezing Produce is absolutely perfect for all of the fresh summer bounties from the garden, farmer’s market or CSA. Definitely worth a bookmark!

9. I’m allllllmost done with my Scandal binge (3 more episodes to go), which is probably a good thing since the characters have started to show up in dreams. So bizarre! Anyway, I’m still in summer TV la la land… have any of you watched The Newsroom? Yay/nay?

10. TGIF! Just me and my boys…