Brown Eyed Baker Favorites: July 2016

Happy Thursday and welcome to a new feature here on BEB – a roundup of some of my most recent favorite things!

Sometimes I mention things that I love on Fridays, but I usually save those posts for life updates and fun links and stories that I think you would enjoy. I wanted to be able to share some of the things I use all of the time and have found and loved and wanted to recommend to you! This won’t be a super frequent series – maybe a few times a year? – but I’m definitely excited about sharing some of my favorite things with you!


ButcherBox - A fabulous home delivery service for grass-fed, hormone free beef and poultry.

I was recently introduced to ButcherBox and absolutely LOVE this service! ButcherBox offers grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken and heritage breed pork products delivered to your home on a monthly basis. Each box contains enough meat for 15-20 meals, at around $7 per meal. The products are flash-frozen and packed in dry ice for shipping – everything came ice cold in the middle of summer, which was super impressive. The meat is fresh and absolutely delicious; it’s sourced from a collection of small farms, which I also love. You have the option to customize your box – get a variety of beef, chicken and pork, or opt out of any of them.

SPECIAL OFFER: ButcherBox is offering Brown Eyed Baker readers a special treat! Use the code “browneyedbaker” at checkout and receive a free package of 10-ounce no-sugar added, uncured bacon + $10 off your first order.

La Tortilla Factory Flour Tortillas

These La Tortilla Factory Flour Tortillas have been a pantry staple at our house for months. I honestly can’t remember why I bought them initially, but my husband and I both love them – they’re super soft and make the best wraps and soft tacos! These may very well be on everyone’s radar already, but since I apparently live under a rock, I had to share! I always keep an extra package (in addition to the one that’s open) in the pantry, just in case there’s an emergency!

Juice Beauty

I ran out of most of regular skincare products about a month after I found out I was pregnant, and I wanted to replace it with something more all-natural. I experimented with some Alba and Burt’s Bees products during my last pregnancy, but wasn’t crazy with how the skincare products worked. I did a ton of research and decided to try Juice Beauty – they actually have a dedicated section of their website for products that are pregnancy-safe. On top of that, everything I have used so far has been fabulous – my skin looks great and I have no flaking (a problem I was having prior to trying this) or breakouts. Plus, a little bit goes a very long way; I’ve been using it for over 2 months and have only used a fraction of the products. Totally recommend!


This one is kind of funny because these pillows were never on my radar until Joseph became absolutely obsessed with the commercials on TV about six months ago. Like, he would dance when they came on! He had a few favorite commercials and I started saying I was going to get brainwashed into buying everything he loved.

Well, fast forward a couple of months and my in-laws bought me the MyPillow for my birthday. I had been having awful neck pain and headaches for at least a month, but no one knew that. As soon as I started sleeping on these pillows, the pain and headaches completely disappeared and have never come back! It never even occurred to me that the pain could have been coming from a crappy pillow. I’ve been using the MyPillow for about four months now and still love, love, love it!

SiriusXM Elevations

We have a speaker in our master bathroom and my husband usually puts on some music while we’re getting ready for bed at night. Most of the times it’s either 1940’s music (a la Frank Sinatra) or 80’s music, but about a month ago, he started putting this station on, and it’s AWESOME. It’s piano, string and orchestral versions of classic rock and pop songs (think instrumentals of songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Taylor Swift), which might sound kind of boring or weird, but I adore it. Perfect for winding down at the end of the day!


Treatsie is another monthly subscription box that I was able to sample recently and it was ahhhh-mazing! There were vanilla-pretzel caramels and caramels with black sea salt that my husband and I fought over. There were also salted brownies (YUM) and some lemon cookies that my husband adored (I’m less than enthusiastic about citrus desserts). Needless to say, we loved everything in the box and would be happy to welcome a sweet surprise every single month!

SPECIAL OFFER: Treatsie is offering Brown Eyed Baker readers a special discount! Use the code “browneyedbaker50” at checkout and receive 50% off your first box!

What are YOU loving??

Do you have some favorite products you’ve found recently? Lay ’em on me in the comments below!

[These are all items that I have used and loved, and wanted to share with you! There are some affiliate links above; thanks so much for reading!]