Joseph adores the swing!

1. Can you believe that Joseph turned 18 months old last week?! Time is absolutely flying! He had a great checkup and continues to climb up the percentile charts. He’s down to one solid nap a day, which can range from 45 minutes to almost 3 hours, but most of the time they’re at least 1.5 hours. He continues to entertain us on a daily basis… he’s so much fun and it seems like he’s always been here.

2. I’m now 30 weeks along (wow is THAT going quickly!)… I had an appointment yesterday and everything continues to look great. The baby has measured slightly ahead of schedule the last two weeks, so perhaps he’ll make an early appearance, as opposed to his brother, who wanted to stay in my belly for all of eternity.

3. Since we’ve been making a lot of popcorn on the stove lately, I’ve been flying through containers of popcorn kernels. If you buy them in bulk, where do you get them? Would love some recommendations!

4. My mom recently cleaned out her attic and brought me a ton of my things to go through… One of them was a poster I made when I was 7 years old (I assume a school project) called “Me, Myself and I” about all of my favorite things. Two of the pictures were a cookbook and a camera, which I thought was pretty darn cool. But there was also a picture of… an iron. I couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t remember ironing when I was that young, and when I asked my mom about it she said I was always interested when she was doing it, so she got me a toy iron. Apparently my Type A personality began from a young age ;-)

5. Who Was the Biggest Heartthrob the Year You Were Born? Mine (1980) was Harrison Ford. Eh, never did anything for me.

6. These are so sweet and funny! >> 19 Times Dogs Were the Gift the Internet Didn’t Deserve.

7. Photog friends! I am planning to sell a few lenses that I never, ever use and am wondering where the best place to do this might be? eBay? B&H Photo?

8. My mom is traveling to Montreal for work in the near future – any must-see things to do or places to eat I can pass along to her? I’m so jealous – Montreal is on my bucket list, but I’m too big to enjoy a trip like that right now, womp womp.

9. So the Olympics start next week! I love watching! What are your favorite events? Swimming/diving and gymnastics for me!

10. TGIF! These guys look all attitude-y for some reason!

Einstein and Duke rocking some crazy attitude