Joseph David - 6 months old |

1. Ahhh, this face!! I just want to cuddle and kiss it all day long.

2. Speaking of babies, there are at least three different commercials running right now that include a screaming baby. WHY?? I’m convinced that the people who wrote these commercials do NOT have children. When one of them comes on, my husband and I immediately check the baby monitor only to realize that it’s the television. We cringe and shake our fists at the TV every.single.time. Ugh.

3. THIS >> 37 Things You’ll Only Understand if You Went to College in the 90’s. I’m so glad that I got to experience high school and college without an ounce of social media (and barely a cell phone!).

4. I recently started following the National Geographic Instagram account (@natgeo) and I’m in awe of pretty much every picture. So many gorgeous images!

5. These 14 Smart Tips for Freezing Summer Produce will totally come in handy over the next few weeks.

6. Totally craving fried mac n’ cheese pops!

7. Do you any of you use those little add-on lenses for your smartphone? I’m totally intrigued by the three for sale over on Brit + Co. Worth it if you take tons of pictures with your phone?

8. This DIY cookie basket is genius – fold up a paper plate to transport cookies or muffins to a friend. So much better than plastic bags or containers that people need to return.

9. Love this reading challenge – I’m often paralyzed with indecision when it comes to picking out a new book to read. Such fun ideas for selecting new books!

10. TGIF! These two are like little toy soldiers when they’re ready for dinner!

Einstein & Duke - Such good little soldiers! |