Snow Day

1. Has Mother Nature gone crazy this week in your neighborhood, too? The photo above is from last Friday. We got a pretty heavy coating of snow (that I ventured out in twice)… by Wednesday it was 68 degrees and we had thunderstorms… by yesterday morning? Blustery, snowing again and 25 degrees. It’s been weather insanity!

2. I began to first hear rumblings about the Erin Condren life planners last year when Kristen mentioned hers. I’ve seen them in other places since then and had started to look into them, then dropped the ball. Yesterday, I saw Jessica talk about her planner, and my interest was renewed. Here’s the thing. I’ve finally grown accustomed to keeping my calendar online and synced between all of my devices. However, I’m still ALL pen and paper when it comes to note-taking, list-making, brainstorming, etc. Would one of her notebooks be a good option for me? I would love thoughts from those of you that use the planners/notebooks!

3. On a related note, have you seen these daily documenting books (“dailies”) from Paper Coterie? Does anyone have them? I love the look and idea of these!

4. Remember a few weeks ago when I told you I was craving all sorts of things? I’m happy to report that my cravings for Five Guys, bagels and brownies have all been adequately satisfied. Now if only Homeland could hurry up and get back on the air!

5. I love staring at Einstein when he’s sleeping. He looks so peaceful and… innocent. Although, I’m pretty sure he’s dreaming up ways to steal even more food than he already does.

Sleeping Einstein

6. I have gone to the first two Penguins home games and they have lost both. I’ll be going to a few more this month, so let’s hope I’m not cursed. On the plus side: soft pretzels and Diet Cokes never get old, even on nights that we lose. I just make sure to go home and eat a cookie or a brownie; that’s how I choose to wallow.

7. You know how much I love burgers, right? Well, I was reminded this week how great the burgers are Red Robin. My Chief Culinary Consultant and I go there every few months and the last handful of times I’ve gotten a chicken wrap. This week, however, I got the bacon cheeseburger. Good decision. Even better burger.

8. What is this Vine app I keep seeing all over the place? Is it just a medium to post videos (like a video version of Instagram)? I’m way behind on this.

9. I watched Top Gun last Sunday from start to finish, for the first time in years. Love that movie. It got me itching to watch A Few Good Men, which I have to watch every time I flip past it on TV. What are your must-stop-and-watch movies?

10. TGIF! Have yourself a little dance :)

Image Source: Frans Lanting

Image Source: Frans Lanting