Joseph David - Halloween 2015 - 9 months

1. After I got Joseph dressed to have lunch with my grandparents last Saturday, we realized he was in the perfect fall outfit and had to plop him next to some pumpkins on our front stoop for some pictures :)

2. For some reason, I thought that we changed clocks NEXT weekend, not this weekend. Now I feel wholly unprepared for darkness at 5:30pm.

3. Big news if you loved watching Bob Ross paint little trees… The Bob Ross YouTube Channel has released the full episodes of the entire first season on YouTube!

4. This story about a grandma sitting at her dining room table and waving to a bus full of students every day is so heartwarming and makes me miss my grandma.

5. Do you do Halloween movies? I’ve grown to really dislike scary movies, but I’ll watch Charlie Brown any day of the week!

6. Are you dressing up for Halloween tomorrow? We don’t usually do costumes, but we do have something planned for Joseph, of course!

7. Love these 19 Stealthy Products That’ll Protect All Your Things – some really creative stuff! The water bottles would be great for the gym!

8. Have you watched any of the World Series? I haven’t seen too much of it, but I’m rooting for Kansas City!

9. How amazing have the last couple of Homeland episodes been? The ending of the last one left me with my jaw dropped… I already can’t wait for Sunday night!

10. TGIF! Einstein has perfected the lazy begging pose…