Joseph wants us to let Duke inside!

1. Joseph has been super serious about making sure we let the dogs inside as soon as they come to the back door. When Duke scratches to come in, Joseph crawls over to the door at super sonic speed, stands up, bangs on the glass and then turns around and looks at us and makes yelling noises, like, “Let him in!”

2. Loving these Thanksgiving infographics from – tons of useful information for getting your Thanksgiving dinner prepped and ready.

3. A cow that thinks he’s a dog? Hysterical. (But eek, I bet that couch needs a Febreeze bath!)

4. I’ve never made a gingerbread house, but these pretzel log cabins are something I would totally tackle!

5. A Social History of Jell-O Salad… I could never do the savory Jello salads, only the dessert ones. My great aunt used to make one with baby food in it!

6. Could not be more true:


7. A video of Golden Retriever puppies going down a slide? Yes, please!

8. Curly fries using a spiralizer! For a vegetable averse person like myself, this seems like the best reason ever to buy a spiralizer. I just might do it.

9. We finally found a new show! We queued up Netflix and started watching Blacklist from the beginning. James Spader is great and we’re both really liking the show. Definitely recommend.

10. TGIF! I stole a quick smooch from Einstein :)