Joseph David - 10 months

1. Joseph turned 10 months yesterday! (The picture above is a few weeks old, but I love it!) I have no idea where this entire year has gone, but I’ve loved every second of it. Here’s a snapshot of Joseph at 10 months:

Weight: 19-20 lbs (it’s been a few weeks since he was weighed)
Height: 27 inches
Teeth: 5 (there will be 7 any day now… they’re RIGHT THERE)
Favorite Foods: Puffs (omg, he’s addicted), banana, avocado, pasta
Loves: Music, opening doors and drawers (we baby-proofed this week!), pulling everything off of his changing table shelves, playing with the window cranks, baths!

2. On a less happy note, Joseph got sick for the first time this past week. He came down with a cold last weekend with congestion, a runny nose, cough, ugh. He’s pretty close to being back to 100% (and in the process passed his cold onto me, bleh), but seeing him sick and under the weather was the saddest thing :(

3. Did you hear that Christopher Kimball will no longer be with America’s Test Kitchen? I was so shocked when I read the news! Apparently they couldn’t come to a contract agreement, but he’s basically the face of that brand, crazy!

4. HA! Now I want pizza for dinner…


5. Love Aziz Ansari!

6. 27 Gifts For People Who Love Food More Than They Do You… Maple bacon coffee!!!

7. Cooking butternut squash in the slow cooker? Seriously genius. I swear you can make ANYTHING in there!

8. Do you remember me talking about the adult coloring books that my sister bought me for my birthday? The same illustrator just released a new one – Lost Ocean. I haven’t had much time to color lately, but I definitely want to add this one to my collection!

9. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?! Tell me what your plans are and what you’re making!

10. TGIF! My crew wishes you a great weekend!