Joseph playing - 11 months |

1. Joseph is moving and grooving and taking one or two its-bitsy baby steps without holding on to anything, but he hasn’t taken off quite yet… I think he’s still a little unsure, but he keeps trying! His birthday is Tuesday (WHAT?!), and we’re having his party tomorrow! I’m sure that I’ll inundate you with photos and memories next week :)

2. Speaking of birthdays, we showered Einstein with lots of love and attention and treats yesterday :)  In less than four weeks, we have Einstein’s birthday, Joseph’s, my husband’s and my father-in-law’s… it’s party central over here!

3. We finally, FINALLY got some snow this week! It was a few inches but it snowed for the better part of the day and was just so pretty. The day felt incredibly cozy; I loved looking out the window and watching the snow fall.

4. Did you get Powerball fever last week? We definitely sat around and talked about what we would do with a billion dollars, because hey, someone has to win eventually! How unfathomable is that number?! A BILLION dollars. My number one priority (after giving money to family) was to buy a huge piece of land and put a house somewhere on it. I didn’t have any crazy ideas, actually… What would you do with that much money??

5. Thinking about a garden for this summer? I love all of these four-square-feet garden ideas… they each have a theme, which is pretty awesome.

6. I love Billy Joel, so I’m totally digging these videos with Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show:

7. I had a Kind bar for the very first time a couple of weeks ago when I met up with a friend at Starbucks. It was SO GOOD, and then I came across this recipe for homemade kindness bars – loving all of the possible flavor combinations and they’re so easy!

8. Have you heard about putting butter in coffee? Has anyone tried it? Tell me your thoughts!

9. 23 Life-Changing Ways to Make Mac n’ Cheese <– Yes, please!

10. TGIF! The birthday boy wishes you an awesome weekend!

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