Joseph - 13 months old!

1. Joseph is 13 months old today! He has been wowing us every single day. In the last couple of weeks, he has seemed to pick up on a lot of words/phrases and general household habits. In the morning, when he’s ready for breakfast, he walks over to his highchair and pats the seat and goes “mmm mmm”. If one of us tells him his diaper needs to be changed, he gets up and walks over to the changing table we have in our living room and puts his hands up. Just in the last two days, he’s been playing on the floor and it’s been around his nap time; I’ll see him yawn or rub his eyes and I tell him I think it’s time for his nap, and he gets up and walks to the bottom of the steps and pulls on the baby gate. Seriously unbelievable!

2. I’ve been making great progress on his rainbow blanket lately, and only have a handful more colored squares to finish. Then I’ll need to put the white borders on and connect them all together! Only two years in the making, no big deal ;-)

3. I’m years away from needing this, but I loved this read on how to raise a happy teen.

4. I don’t do any crafts at all, but I fell in love with this craft room organization!

5. I’m notoriously neurotic when it comes to kitchen germs, so I was just nodding my head in agreement with this list >> 19 Gross Kitchen Habits You Probably Definitely Have.

6. Totally craving these Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges, probably because I’ve been craving a burger and fries for the last two weeks.

7. These home library shelves! Love! [via]


8. After I posted last week about purging my closet, a reader, Linda, emailed me and told me about Thred Up. Have you heard of it? It’s an online consignment shop – they send you a bag to fill, you send it back and they give you money for whatever they sell of yours! I’m totally checking it out!

9. My aunt came across this picture on Facebook from a local newspaper:


The town my grandma lived in had a sewing club and the above photo was the original club together in the 1950’s – my grandma is in the top row, second from the right (she didn’t make the reunion for the below photo). The article said they would get together and work on knitting, sewing or embroidery projects at each other’s homes. I so love this. I told my husband I would have absolutely rocked at being a 1950’s housewife… I feel like it’s the era I was meant to live in.

10. TGIF! This sleepy head wishes you a wonderful weekend!

Einstein snoozing