Joseph being silly with one of his Easter eggs :)

1. Joseph had a great Easter and continues to be a hilarious, funny toddler (see: half of a plastic Easter egg he kept sticking on his nose!) who learns new things each day and never ceases to be super proud of himself – clapping heartily with each new accomplishment :)

2. Are you planning to have a garden this year? Tell me what you’re planting! I’m thinking just some herbs and maybe jalapeños and tomatoes in pots on the deck.

3. I am so frustrated by how awful I am at picking out melons. My mom has told me countless times how to do it… I’ve read a million articles on how to pick perfect melons… it doesn’t seem to matter. I somehow always pick melons that are rock hard inside. Ugh.

4. I’m so excited that the Cookies & Cups cookbook will be out in less than two weeks! I got a sneak peek of it and there are SO MANY amazing recipes – I’ll be sharing one next week! Shelly is definitely my dessert soul mate; I swear everything she posts makes me want to run into the kitchen!

5. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Did you see the video of the lion, tiger and bear that were rescued together as cubs and have since grown up together in an animal sanctuary? (I know, I’m such a sucker for animal videos!)

6. I LOVE Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David, so this list of classic Larry David moments had me laughing hysterically.

7. This hack on how to maximize kitchen drawer space is genius!

8. I shattered the face of my iPhone at least a couple of months ago… well, it was on the kitchen table and Joseph tugged on the tablecloth, and down it went. My contract isn’t up until the fall so I’m TRYING to survive, but now it’s getting hard to make the screen work it certain places, ugh.

9. Oh my gosh, this gallery of gorgeous pantries has me wanting to totally purge and reorganize mine ASAP!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a fabulous first weekend of April!

Duke and Einstein waiting for food to fall from the highchair!