Joseph - 14 months

1. Joseph is chugging along with his sweet little self. He has been picking up on lot of things lately, which is so much fun to see. Last night, when we were done with his bath, he stood up and picked up all of his toys one by one, took them out and placed them on the side of the tub. I just want to hug and smooch him all day long.

2. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I shattered my phone (boo hiss), but much to my delight I found out that I actually purchased Apple Care when I got my phone (I’m not sure why because I typically don’t ever purchase warranties or protection plans), so I was able to easily get a new replacement! Now I need to get a new case. I’m thinking of biting the bullet and getting another Otterbox defender. I had it a few years ago on my old phone and didn’t initially want it on this one since the 6 plus is so big already, but I think with a toddler, it may be my best bet.

3. My never-ending crochet project, the rainbow blanket, is getting closer to being finished! I finally finished all of the colored squares and have started on the white borders. Once those are complete, I just need to attach them all together. I’m trying to get it done quickly so I can start on a new blanket for our next little one :)

4. Have you seen the Cookie Monster commercial – he’s baking cookies and using Siri to set his timer? SO FUNNY. I loved the outtakes even more :)

5. This handy chart on making half of a recipe is super useful! (via Robyn’s View)

How to Halve a Recipe

6. This is an awesome graphic to discover new books in a genre you enjoy >> The Best Books of the 21st Century.

7. I adore this wonderfully honest and open post from Kristen about living in excess.

8. Hockey playoffs started last night, so needless to say, I’m beyond excited. The Penguins look better heading into the playoffs than they have in probably seven years. Are you watching? Who are you rooting for??

9. Speaking of playoffs, what are your favorite game-watching snacks? Since hockey games come on later in the evening, meals are usually done, but I’d love some good snack ideas!

10. TGIF! Einstein believes in sleeping HARD!

Einstein snoozing away!