Joseph - 15 months

1. Joseph turned 15 months old this week, what?! After spending most of his first year under the 10th percentile for height and under the 20th percentile for weight, he has skyrocketed to 52nd for height and 76th for weight! If someone had told me two years ago that I would find a little toddler so incredibly funny and so much fun, I would have never believed them. He’s the best :)

2. I’m still a ways out from this, but a great article on not raising bullies.

3. What’s your favorite store-bought salsa? GO!

4. I don’t think I have enough time to knock all of these off before I turn 40, but definitely saving this list! >> 50 Books Every Woman Should Read Before 40.

5. Talk to me about Swiffers! Our entire first floor is hardwood/tile and we run a Roomba every night when we go to bed, so that helps keep the dog hair and any random dirt/crumbs at bay. I also steam mop, but probably not as often as I need to – it’s takes awhile to keep reloading the water, moving the power cord, etc. and I don’t like doing it while Joseph’s awake because I don’t want him to slip on the wet floors. So I’m wondering if a Swiffer that I could use quickly would help with the dust and little smudges in between steam mop sessions? Thoughts? Regular/wet-jet?

6. A question for those of you that use metric measurements… I’ve been trying to include metric measurements in my new recipes, but I’m curious how large amounts of liquids are typically reflected? For example, I have 1,183 mL – write it as is, round up/down, use liters, like 1.2 liters? Teach me :)

7. Cinco de Mayo is coming up in a couple of weeks! What’s your favorite Mexican food? I’ve been a sucker for tacos since I was super little, and always nachos, of course.

8. What recipes would you like to see for the summer? Lay ’em on me!

9. Hockey playoffs! Are you watching? The first round is always so much fun, so much hockey to see! I just hope we can get over the first round hurdle this year!

10. TGIF! Duke wishes you a sunshine-filled weekend!

Duke basking in the sun