Joseph running around the baseball field

1. We took Joseph to the park this week and he had a blast running around the baseball field. Each day it seems like he grows up just a little bit more – he knows his head, nose, mouth, toes, tons of animal sounds and is basically a ball of fun every single day. We’ve tip-toed into the whole toddler-tantrum-when-life-doesn’t-go-his-way thing (i.e. LEAVING the park), but he seems to recover fairly quickly.

2. I am 21 weeks along this week, I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I’ve been feeling pretty good, with the hit or miss indigestion and heartburn, and I’m feeling tons of kicks!

A lot of you have asked for a bump pic, so here you go! This was 20 weeks last week :)

20 weeks along with baby #2!

3. Can you believe that this year is the 30th anniversary of Top Gun?! I didn’t see it until a number of years after that, but SUCH a classic! I can watch it beginning to end anytime it’s on TV.

4. I loved this post about slowing down the summer… partly because I’m enthralled with the 1950’s and partly because these were the summers I had as a kid. Aside from a week of bible school, we had NO planned activities. None. We just played, and spent a ton of time at my grandma’s house. I remember my cousins, sister and I creating our own obstacle courses, riding bikes, rounding up neighborhood kids to play hide and seek, chasing down the ice cream truck… that’s what summers are all about, right?!

5. I finally finished completely cleaning out and organizing my closet. All that’s left is to take the last of the bags to the donation center! I LOVE walking into my closet and just staring at how clean, organized and clutter-free it is. I’ve since moved on to Konmari-ing my books, which has been yet another eye-opening exercise. Purging through books, especially cookbooks, that I’ve had forever and never opened, was astonishing. I haven’t finished yet, but my “discard” pile is incredibly large. Again, it already feels good to be surrounded just by the things that I actually use and enjoy!

6. Talk to me about Sonic… is it worth a fast food stop? I’ve never had it, which is crazy considering I’ve lived within 10 minutes of one for the last eight years. I always pass it when I go to the grocery store and wonder if it’s worth a try. Tell me if it is and what you like!

7. I’ve been craving a milkshake – what’s your favorite type of milkshake??

8. Touring Pittsburgh, One Pierogi at a Time << Love this round-up of must-eat pierogi stops around Pittsburgh. I need to start hitting up some of these places!

9. Have the hockey playoffs given you a coronary yet? Game 7 last night almost did me in, but Stanley Cup Finals, here we come!

10. TGIF! Duke and Einstein wish you a fabulous weekend!

Duke and Einstein cozying up!