Pseudo toddler selfie

Looks like a selfie, but he’s not there yet ;-)

1. Joseph is currently on the path of transitioning from two naps to one nap and, oh boy, daytime sleep and some bedtimes have been a crazy disaster around here. Some days he’ll stay take two good naps, sometimes one good nap, sometimes one good and one bad, sometimes two crappy naps, sometimes one crappy nap. I read that it can take months for the full transition, so I guess we’ll just dig in and get ready ;-)

2. My aunt surprised us on Sunday with a gift – she took the picture we used for our Christmas cards this past year, had a cross-stitch pattern made from it, and spent the last 4+ months creating the cross-stitch and getting it framed. What an amazing surprise! We were in awe and it’s absolutely something we’re going to cherish forever…

Cross-stitch done by my aunt of our Christmas card!

And the card she taped to the back totally makes me tear up every time I read it… “hoping all your Christmas seasons fill your heart with wonder and awe as it did on this very first one!”

3. Some of my favorite food folks! (ahem, INA) >> The 30 Most Influential People in Food.

4. A few months ago, I shared a story about the last surviving 9/11 rescue dog, Bretagne, getting a whirlwind trip to NYC that included lots of her favorite things. Unfortunately, she passed away this week, at nearly 17 years old. What an amazing life! I couldn’t watch the video of her being saluted… it started to autoplay in my Facebook feed and I got teary-eyed before I had time to scroll past it :(

5. LOVE all of this information on vertical gardening… if you’re short on space but still want a garden, definitely check it out!

6. I recently came across The Home Edit, a home organization company, and oh my gosh, their Instagram feed – it’s an organization freak’s dream come true! I’m in love with every single picture.

7. Why Classic Rock Isn’t What it Used To Be – When I was in high school, classic rock consisted of music like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Kansas, etc… Apparently I’m getting old, wahhhh.

8. Do you have a summer vacation planned? Tell me where you’re going!

9. My husband and I were lucky enough to go to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night, but it definitely didn’t go as we had hoped :(  The atmosphere at the game was insane though, so crazy! Hoping we can make it happen Sunday night!

10. TGIF! This is how Einstein does Sunday…

This is how Einstein does Sunday.