Joseph the swim model hanging in his baby pool

1. Total baby beach model pose, ha! Joseph has gotten spoiled taking swim lessons in a 90-degree heated pool; it took him a little while to get used to the cold hose water ;-) Cold hose water is all I ever knew as a kid… I lived on the slip n’ slide in my grandma’s yard during the summer!

2. We have (finally) started making headway on the nursery for Joseph’s little brother. Headway = me sorting the rest of Joseph’s old clothes by size and us picking out the furniture. There’s still a single bed in there and piles of Joseph’s clothes. My (younger) sister keeps reminding me that the second child always gets neglected!

3. Did you hear that MTV has launched an “MTV Classic” channel, dedicated to music from the 90’s and early 2000’s? First of all, I feel super old. Second of all, HELLO classic MTV Unplugged! We watched Alice in Chains unplugged a few nights ago and it was awesome. I was very much into old classic rock, alt rock and grunge rock in the 90’s, so it was right up my alley. I’m totally at the point in my life where I’m all “what is this atrocious noise that kids these days listen to? music was so much better in my day”.

4. Love these cleaning hacks… so many good tips and tricks!

5. Okay all of you super organized planner people… let’s talk. I need a good plan for 2017 because I currently feel like I’m floating through each day with a rough to-do list and with another little one on the way, I need to get a better handle on life. Do you have a planner you love? A regular lined notebook you love? I think I need both to keep myself on track.

6. I’m not a terribly creative eater, so this chart of ingredient pairings for salads is awesome! It’s totally inspiring me to make a different one each day for lunch.

7. I picked up Essie gel polish from the grocery store this week and am intrigued to see if it will actually last a decent amount of time. Oddly enough, the ONE thing that’s a surefire way to chip and peel my nails is washing my hair. Not dishes, not cooking… washing my hair. It happens without fail. I’ll report back… has anyone tried it?!

8. Is anyone playing fantasy football this year? Our draft is in a few weeks! I love it, but with a baby due in October, I’m tempering my expectations for my team this season ;-)

9. What are you watching on TV right now? I feel like most of our shows aren’t coming back until later this fall or even January. We’re waiting for season 3 of Blacklist to be released on Netflix so we can catch up and start up with the new season this fall!

10. TGIF! Such a seriously mopey (suspicious?) face!

Einstein looking mopey