Joseph playing with his dancing robot

1. Joseph’s hair had been getting increasingly wavy over the last month or so, and we figured it was just a little long. He got a haircut this week and the waves are still very much there! He comes by it naturally as my dad had thick, wavy hair… my father-in-law has thick, wavy hair… and I have naturally curly hair. Love looking at those waves!

On another note, he has become re-obsessed with the dancing robot my sister bought him for Christmas. I can’t believe how small he was!

2. I am now 32 weeks along, whoa! Still trucking along with everything looking good, but getting increasingly uncomfortable. I’ve had a lot of rib discomfort on my right side, and at my appointment yesterday the doctor said the baby’s butt and legs are pretty much jammed up under my ribs over there, so… no getting around that! And my friend prenatal carpal tunnel has returned, gah! I’ve been trying to do a lot of hand/wrist stretches and exercises to keep the pain and numbness/tingling to a minimum. OTHERWISE, baby and I are both healthy and doing well!

3. Update on the Essie gel polish I told you I bought last week… I tried it and am completely underwhelmed. Within a day and a half the tips of my nails chipped the slightest bit. I have had much better results using the Formula X system from Sephora (and using regular Essie polish). I will say that I LOVE the new brush on the gel polish from Essie – makes it easier to get complete, even coverage.

4. In case you missed it the other day, I’d love for you to send me your favorite recipes! I’ve loved reading through everyone’s family favorites and picking ones to try!

5. So apparently Monday was “Sneak a Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch” Day. On Tuesday or Wednesday, my husband opened the front door to grab a package and on our doormat was a dried-up slice of zucchini with the word “day” written on it. So crazy. No clue who left it there! It feels like the equivalent of getting “boo’ed” in October.

6. LOVE this article, great perspective >> You’re Not Meant To Do What You Love. You’re Meant To Do What You’re Good At.

7. Ahhh, I forgot about so many of these >> 17 Stores From Your Childhood That No Longer Exist. I adored Natural Wonders, Sam Goody, Waldenbooks… In high school our youth group would do all-night parties at Discovery Zone. THE BEST. It’s not on this list, but also made me think of NRM – I mean, how else would you buy cassettes and CD’s unless you belonged to Columbia House or BMG?!

8. The Most Popular Book the Year You Were Born >> Totally fitting that 1980 was The Bourne Identity since I LOVE the movies! Sidebar – have you seen the new one yet? It’s on our list!

9. Have you been watching the Olympics? It’s been on our TV pretty much 24/7 since the opening ceremonies last Friday. I’ve enjoyed everything, but swimming is definitely my favorite!

10. TGIF! Weekend rule: be comfortable.

Einstein LOVES to be comfy!