Dominic - 2 weeks old

1. I can’t believe that Dominic is already more than two weeks old! He has been such a wonderful baby thus far, with only a couple of fussy days to speak of (and which were a result of some tummy upset). I usually feed him right before we go to sleep and he wakes up twice during the night for feedings. He eats and snoozes most of the day, but has been wide awake and alert for an extended time in the morning, which is so much fun. He’s already changing so much, and his big brother continues to be his biggest fan. My husband and I joked yesterday that Dominic has definitely become Joseph’s favorite in the house. When it’s time for him to go to bed and he gives goodnight kisses, he goes straight to Dominic first, saying, “brother!”. He just wants to kiss him constantly and point to different body parts (nose, ear, knee) and then points to them on himself. He also tries to share his snacks with Dominic, even though we tell him he doesn’t have any teeth yet, ha!

We’re still working on our new normal as a family of four, mostly because our routines are little upside down right now. I ended up needing a repeat c-section, so I’m limited in terms of doing stairs and I can’t pick up Joseph, which means I can’t do nap time, bedtime or bath time with him, which I’m missing so, so much. BUT! We’re almost halfway to the 6-week mark to get my clearance!

2. Totally saving this recipe for homemade play dough! Not sure if Joseph would enjoy it yet or not, but a great idea!

3. I am fully ready for the holidays to roll around; this shirt is spot-on about how I feel from mid-November until after New Year’s.

4. Soooo… Luke Perry was on the most recent cover of AARP magazine. Whaaaat?! Apparently he just turned 50? I feel so ridiculously old it’s not even funny.

5. I’m loving these flexible silicone lids… they might go on my Christmas wish list!

6. Love this video of everything Harlow the special service dog can do.

7. THIS >>


8. I’m always totally transfixed by meal prep photos on Instagram >> 5 Instagrammers to Follow If You’re Trying to Get Better at Meal Prep.

9. Talk to me about web browsers. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, so I’ve always used Safari, however recently it has seemed buggy on both my phone and laptop. I know SO.MANY.PEOPLE use Google Chrome, but truth be told, I love how my browser syncs between my devices and I hate to give that up. Is there a similar sync functionality with Chrome? What do you use if you have Apple devices?

10. TGIF! Bosom buddies :)

Duke and Joseph - 21 months old