Dominic - 1 month old

1. Dominic is one month old today! How? What? Talk about time flying! I feel like I just came home from the hospital last week.

He’s looking a little different everyday and is so much more alert and aware. We got our very first smiles yesterday afternoon! I forgot what an exhilarating feeling it is to see that sweet smile for the very first time! Up until now, we hadn’t though that he and Joseph looked alike at all, but the picture above that I took yesterday reminds us SO MUCH of what Joseph looked like at that same age!

2. We sort of dragged our feet with Halloween this year, but my husband ended up coming up with such a cute idea for the boys!

Joseph has a leather bomber jacket and some sweet shades, so he was Maverick (from Top Gun) and Dominic with his crazy spiky hair was a perfect fit for Iceman!

Halloween 2016 - Joseph as Maverick!

Halloween 2016 - Joseph as Maverick!

Dominic as Iceman!

And then, of course, we had meltdowns…

Meltdown City

Life is tough.

3. On another Halloween note, I loved the story of the dad who passed out candy to an entire flight so his little girl could trick or treat on the planet. Such a wonderfully sweet idea!

4. Which one are you?? I used to be on the left, but am now something in the middle. I one hit asterisks on my fuel gauge on the turnpike, eeeeeek :(


5. I think I’ve mentioned before how my Type A self is totally obsessed with The Home Edit Instagram account – such beautiful organization! I mean, it’s totally normal that I keep staring at this picture of an organized beverage fridge right? It’s seriously perfect! (Also, side note, I’ve never ever had Yoohoo!)

6. This made me laugh!


7. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Tell me what you’re putting on your menu! I need to start mine.

8. Speaking of, this looks to be a great resource >> 17 Incredibly Helpful Charts for Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

9. Now that we’re officially in November, can I admit that I’m SO excited to decorate for the holidays, start watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music? I just love this time of year!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a sun-filled weekend!

Duke - September 2016