Dominic - 2 months old |

1. This sweet boy turned 2 months old on Sunday! We’ve been seeing a lot of smiles and tons of cooing. Last week, my husband was holding Dominic while Joseph was sitting next to him on the couch. Dominic turned and was just staring, transfixed on Joseph, then broke out into huge smiles. He kept staring at his big brother and smiling over and over. It made my heart absolutely burst.

2. And then there’s this big guy! Can you believe he’s going to be TWO next month?! Craziness! His current phase is saying “yes!” to almost everything, which is so cute and sweet, and sooooo much better than the “no!” (with emphatic head shaking) phase he was in previously.

Joseph - 22 months old |

3. How is your Christmas shopping coming along? I am wayyyyyy behind the eight ball this year, so I need to get going rather quickly! What are some of your favorite places/ideas for unique gifts? I need to think outside of the box!

4. Speaking of gift-giving, I just came across this four-word rule for gift giving, and I’m totally digging it.

5. This map of the ultimate road trip is going straight to my bucket list!

6. I used to love doing massive puzzles, but I don’t think I’ve put one together for over 10 years. I’m thinking of getting one and setting it up on a big built-in craft table that’s in one of the rooms in our basement so I can work on it whenever I have a free handful of minutes. Do you do puzzles? Any recommendations?

7. What’s on your baking list for the holidays? I’ve already made a batch of peppermint bark, but I’m not sure how realistic it is to make a long baking list this year. I might just eat the fruits of everyone else’s labor ;-)

8. I am in love with this laundry room that has a built-in dog bed and a little doggie shower. Seriously functional. (I also love the gray!)

9. Why on earth do network shows take “winter breaks” now? I don’t remember them doing that before, or maybe I never really paid much attention because I was too busy watching Christmas shows?

10. TGIF! I hope you have a laid back weekend!

Duke - December 2016 |