1. My little matching elves! Joseph love, love, LOVES his little brother and if Dominic is snoozing, Joseph feels the need to hover and oversee the situation (which usually leads to an end of said nap). And yes, Dominic’s hair is still ridiculously spiky, so insane!

2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a baby proofing product for lever-style door handles? We have one of these on our basement door and they most definitely do NOT keep Joseph from opening it.

3. Before I had Dominic, I had grand plans of organizing every room of my house during my “maternity leave” since I had tons of recipes for you made ahead of time and wouldn’t be “working”. HAAAAAAAA. (I’m sure anyone with two little ones is laughing at me right now, and deservedly so!)

4. Love this story about Lowes hiring a disabled vet AND his dog!

5. Did you get a new iPhone 7 Plus? I have the 6 Plus and am trying to decide if it’s worth an upgrade now, or to hold off until next fall when there’s supposed to be some anniversary fancy pants phone. I’m hearing awesome things about the 7 Plus camera, so I’m tempted.

6. I made a chocolate babka this week that might be my most favorite thing to come out of my kitchen in MONTHS. I’ll be sharing it with you next week, and unfortunately for the rest of my family, I’m 100% certain my husband and I will have polished it off by the weekend.

7. Do you have any special Christmas traditions? I always love hearing about what other families do around the holidays.

8. Tell me what your favorite Christmas cookie or candy is… sometimes I feel like I’ve tried them all, but I KNOW there are so many out there that I still need to make!

9. What’s your go-to Christmas movie? I love so many of them, but One Magic Christmas reminds me of Christmases as a kid, when we would watch it often… and of course, Elf!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy pre-holiday weekend!

Duke rockin' around the Christmas tree