Dominic - 6 months old

1. Dominic turned 6 months old on Tuesday! He’s 27.5 inches long (86th percentile!) and 17 pounds (49th percentile), so he just might pass up Joseph by his first birthday lol. He continues to be such a happy, smiley baby, he’s scooting himself backwards all over the floor, has been trying some new foods (he responds to most with a face that would make you think I just put battery acid on his tongue, for crying out loud!), and sleeps like a little champ. He is going to start swim lessons this week; I’m excited to see how he takes to the water!

2. I snapped some pictures of Joseph while he was trying to steal tastes of glaze off the Easter bread I was photographing, and… when did my baby become a little boy?!

Joseph - 26 months

3. In case you missed it this week, I put together a new cooking/baking bucket list, and I’m thinking of doing a monthly bake-along with all of you! I’m excited about it

4. I’m working on getting some videos done on a regular basis for some of my recipes, and last week I shared one on my No Bake Banana Split Dessert. That’s one of my favorite Easter desserts and the video went crazy on Facebook!

5. So you can buy a countertop ice maker that creates nugget ice like the kind they have at Sonic… if I weren’t obsessed with having zero clutter on my counters, I would be so tempted to get this!

6. Almost every one of these is me, especially #1, 2, 6 & 8 >> 19 Things Only Women with a Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Will Understand

7. Do you have any special Easter food/baking traditions? I love hearing about family holiday traditions; share them below!

8. Speaking of Easter traditions, how adorable is this Easter bunny bread?!

9. So, I won my March Madness pool! My first time ever, and I only beat my husband by 1 point, and there were only 6 people in our bracket group… BUT! I’m still excited :)

10. TGIF! Duke has been stalking morning doves that keep showing up on our deck, ha!

Duke - April 2017