Easter 2017: Coloring Easter eggs with Dominic and Joseph

1. We had a great Easter weekend with the boys! We colored Easter eggs, they enjoyed their Easter baskets (chaotic Easter morning with an up-too-early-toddler in a still-dark house yielded minimal photos, haaaaa), we had a great dinner with our families, and I started and ended the day with chocolate. Win!

2. The boys are both doing really well. I can’t believe Dominic is already 6.5+ months old; he’s working SO hard trying to crawl every time he’s on the floor. He gets up on all fours, rocks a little, tries to lunge himself forward and usually falls back down. He’s mastered pulling his legs up underneath him and scooting forward like a little army crawl.

Dominic - 6.5 months old!

Joseph - 27 months old

Joseph got a new summer ‘do this week (his waves and curls were getting crazy!) and is looking like a little grown boy. He’s currently in the throes of wanting to do everything by himself, which is precious and also a very good test of my (sometimes short) patience. He likes to buckle himself into his booster seat and the car seat, velcro his shoes, and a bunch of other things. I’ve just learned to pad the time we need to get out the door if we need to be somewhere at a specific time, ha!

3. I’m not sure if any of you have ever watched Ghost Hunters, but my husband and I used to watch it quite a bit years ago, and he follows those guys on Twitter. A couple of weeks ago he told me that one of the members, Grant Wilson, had lost his Golden Retriever. Foolishly, I went and looked at the tweets (which included photos) and my heart broke open about Einstein all over again. It’s been over seven months and there still isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him at some point during the day. Ahhhh, still missing my old buddy…

4. On a (much) lighter note, I’d love to know if you have a favorite body wash/lotion combo. I don’t wear perfume regularly, so I’d love to layer a light scent. Give me your favorite!

5. This video about how deep the ocean is will give crazy perspective about the enormity of it… blows my mind! >> 131 Seconds That Will Change the Way You See the Ocean

6. Oh my gosh, how a puppy sees the weekend melts my heart!

7. Need one more rec! Where are you buying your clothes these days? I am severely lacking in the spring/summer clothes department since I’ve been in maternity clothes two of the last three summers. My pre-pregnancy clothes are still too small for me (womp womp) so I need a few new pieces. Tell me what you’re loving!

8. And now a recommendation FOR you! I finally tried the Sally Hansen gel nail polish and it’s amazing. So much better than my experience with the Essie gel. I’ve done two colors now and they last almost three weeks with ZERO chipping at all. My new favorite!

9. Are you watching the NHL playoffs? Who are you rooting for?!

10. TGIF! I hope you get to spend the weekend with a great friend ????

Duke with Dominic and laying at my feet :)